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Terms of Service

  • Delivery

    After payment and delivery you fully own the photographs. No rights are granted unless and until I have received full payment.

  • Portfolio Display

    I will have right to display any selected photos on my portfolio for future prospects.

  • Cancellations and Postponements

    Once you have agreed for Time and Date for an assignment, a fee of $50 will be due on cancellation if done in less than 24 hrs. For postponement a fees of $25 will be charged and postponement will be subject to availability.

  • Limitation of Liabilities

    I won't be responsible for any images lost or damaged due to any reason. You also understand and agree that in case of illness, mechanical breakdown, accident, natural disaster, act of God or any other cause beyond my control; I will try my best to reschedule your session, however I will not be responsible for any loss that this may cause to you or your business.